artist feature : Josh Young

I love art in all it's different forms and styles, but most of all i love art that pulls me in I love pieces that tug on my heart strings. Thats exactly what happened when I came across Josh Young on Instagram. He is a Chicago based Artist and Interior Designer. His modern take on a classic portraits is perfection. He basically paints a line of color across the eyes in the portrait and his reason for that is as he says, it allows you to appreciate the other aspects of the portrait such such as the clothes and other details instead of just zoning in on the eyes. GENIUS. For those of us who don't have millions to spend on art Josh Young's art works offer high quality and style at an affordable price. I have a few favorite pieces from his Portrait Collection I can't wait to find a space in my home for some of them (if not all of them).

This here is Kristin she is a collaboration between Josh Young and Kristin from Hunted Interiors. Through this collaboration is how I discovered Josh Young. One of my Favorites for sure.

Emma is another one of my favorites. I love the colors. 

So many beautiful pieces to choose from and to admire you guys have to check him out. I would love to hear which ones are your favorites.


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