On My List: Fall 2018 interior Design Books

Who doesn't love to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket some hot chocolate, or what ever you hot drink lovers like to drink (I'm not a fan of hot drinks) and read a good book? I love reading all year long it's one of my favorite hobbies. I've always said in my dream home I will have a library Like the one Beast gave Belle in the movie, a girl can dream can't she. Fashion Books and Interior Design books are some of my favorite because they are so pretty to look at and filled with so much inspiration. They are also great for decorating with. This fall season so many great books are coming out and I can't wait to hide the Amazon boxes from Mr. J !

The House That Pinterest Built I don't know why I still don't have this book but I already placed my order for it. I am a huge fan of Diane Keaton so when I heard she was coming out with an interior design book I said "sign me up!". She details the process of building her dream house from the ground up and how she pulled inspiration from Pinterest.

Ryan Korban Interiors I discovered Ryan Korban on Instagram and have been in love with him ever since. I've always said design and fashion are one in the same to and his designs are the perfect example of that. If you love Modern, elegance and luxury you need to check him out. This will be his second book and it will be released on September 18, 2018. 

Inspired Design Now here is a book that is for anyone and everyone who enjoys interior design. This book includes so many different designers with different design styles from the past years who have changed the world of interior design and continue to inspire the designers of today. Release date: October 2, 2018.

May I Come In ? This book tugs on my traveling heart strings just by the cover. One of my favorite things about traveling is being to explore all the different interiors styles the world has to offer. Wendy has been doing just that for many years, I'm excited to see all the eye candy this book has to offer. Set for release on september 25, 2018.

Suzanne Kasler Sophisticated Simplicity Suzanne Kasler is also one of my favorite designers, I love her elegant and timeless style. One iof the things I love most about her design is style is that her designs are not only beautiful to look at, they are also livable and cozy as well. When I look at pictures of her work it makes me feel like I'm at home and I love that. I've already pre- ordered mines and you should too. Release date: September 11,2018.  

Dream Design Live Last but most certainly not least is Dream Design live by Paloma Contreras. I've been following Paloma for a few years now, I discovered her through her blog La Dolce Vita which happens to be one of the first interior design blogs I ever followed. Her attention to detail and her aesthetic is what caught my eye. This book features never before seen pictures of her deisgns and I know they will not disappoint. I've also already pre-ordered this one, I cant wait to get my hands on it. Release date: September 4,2018.


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