Goals for the New Year

I know I'm a little late but Happy New Year !I'm sharing my goals for the new year with you guys just as I did last year. I like making a list of  my goals each year because its a form of motivation for me as well as a reminder each day of the things I want to accomplish. Now, if I'm being honest I didn't not check off as many things off my list as I would have liked to but, this year I will do better. 

So here we are, my goals for 2020 

  1. Get my drivers License: Don't laugh at me ok, but... this was on my list last year and instead of getting it I let my permit expire and now I have to do the whole thing all over again (I laugh at myself every time I'm reminded of it) 
  2. Start Laser hair removal: I am really tired of shaving!(rolls eyes)  who else can relate? and waxing seems like a painful process t go through the rest of my life. I prefer to do a few sessions and get it over with for good. I've also had friends tell me it's the best thing they ever did so I'M DOING IT. 
  3. Teeth whitening treatment: whether it's professional or with an at home kit. I've been scared of this because I hate teeth sensitivity but I'm going to suck it up because I wan t that megawatt smile.
  4. Be more consistent when it comes to Blogging: I love blogging, but I get unmotivated very quickly especially when I don't get quick results or the response I would like on my posts. I'm sure every blogger has gone through this at some point, but as they say "consistency is key".
  5. Drink more water my skin: will definitely thank me for it I also want to cut down on drinking soda this year.
  6. Not leaving things for last minute: This is something I truly want to leave in the past because all it does is stress me out especially before events that I'm in charge of.
  7. Take a Family Vacation: We usually take one every year even if it's not far away but this year I would like to visit somewhere we haven't been to before. My daughter is always talking about going to the Bahamas so maybe that'll be where we go.
  8. Finish my living room and dining room: I started my living almost 2 years ago and it's still not done. We have made a lot of progress though that I am very happy about I just have to finish decorating and then get started on my dining room. Getting my home in order is an exciting for me and almost therapeutic for me. Hopefully I can document the process for you guys. 
  9. Start My Youtube channel: Now I do have a Youtube channel which I have posted maybe 3 videos on to test out how I would like it because I am shy and hate the sound of my voice lol. But I have finally decided to go through with it. I'll be posting mainly fashion, Travel vlogs, and home decor videos.
  10. Create photo albums: I have so many pictures on my phone that I would like to put into an album or photo book. I have a really old photo album for Haley when she was born and it's falling apart and I don't have one for Maddox which is sad. Both kids albums are first up on my list and then one of our family vacations. I'm really like the photo book idea because you can create your own layouts and the books look great on a shelf or your coffee table. 

What are some of your goals for this year/ I would love to hear them.  


  1. Ha,
    I have to laugh because your lit looks like dejavu. Ive wanted to get laser hair removal for years. HATE SHAVEING. H A T E I T! So need to drink more water, I'm like the desert! I started my living room 3 years ago and it's till not even close to finshed. I actually wont let people come to my house because of it. Yeah I know totally embrassing. I did get the SNOW teeth whitener this year as a xmas present. I still haven't used it. The fact that I have it, has got to count for something ......RIGHT?

    thank you for not (not) copying my goal list, LOL


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