Backyard Transformation

 Hello and welcome back ! This year has been something else to say the least lol but it has given me and my family the opportunity to work on a few things in our home. Being that we are stuck inside most of the time and can't really go out and enjoy the things we normally would be around this time, we have spent most of our time in our yard. That is nothing new to us, once the warmer weather rolls in we are outside every weekend with friends and family or just relaxing. When we moved in we knew we had a lot of work cut out for us in the backyard because it wasn't in the greatest condition. We had a huge area of dirt which was filled with construction garbage from before we bought the house, our garage was an ugly brown color and the doors don't work properly, there was a storm drain that was useless and causing a big part of the concrete to sink and crack, we also have huge stairs in the back that lead to a door that is no longer in use, and we have to ugly fences that are in desperate need of a replacement. So as you can see A LOT  OF WORK lol.  

Let's start with the huge patch of dirt I mentioned earlier which looks more like a jungle in this picture. It was a dumping ground for everything and anything as you can see. It was also a confusing space for us because we weren't sure 100% what we wanted to do with this space.

We cleaned it up pulled out all those vines and roots as much as we could. The options for the space were to concrete or to turn it into a garden and we went with the latter because we would eventually like to have a pool or a hot tub back here and this is the perfect spot for it. 

The concrete turned out great! We all agreed that it makes the backyard as a whole look much bigger and brighter. I'm just glad to not have to be ashamed of this area when people com over anymore. Next up on the chopping is to:

paint the garage 

paint the brick wall  

Replace fence

Remove stairs 

Concrete the floor 

Paint the bottom of awning 

Touch up the legs of the awning

Replace garage doors

Get furniture

Set up lights

Get decor

I'm so excited for the progress being made and to see our outdoor oasis come together. Check back on Monday for more updates on this space and follow me on Instagram to see more @palomathome . 

xo Paloma 


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