Backyard Makeover: Garage update

Today I'm sharing our garage makeover on a budget. I say on a budget because this garage needs more work than we actually did right now. We just really needed to get rid of the ugly brown and green. For now a paint touch is all we did, and it made all the difference!

We power washed the whole garage first to take off and chipping paint and then we primed everything. 

You can see a little bit of the brown peeking through here I forgot to snap a picture before we started.

It took two coats of paint to really cover up that brown but we love the final Result. The garage matches the house now and the yard looks brighter overall. We eventually want to change the garage doors and get matching doors. Next Up on our list is getting rid of the stairs and fixing up the sinking floor so stay tuned for that post.

To Do List:

paint the brick wall  

Replace fence

Remove stairs 

Concrete the floor 

Paint the bottom of awning 

Touch up the legs of the awning

Replace garage doors

Get furniture

Set up lights

Get decor

xo Plaoma


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